Hmm, the MSDN Subscriber site STILL doesn’t allow me access to any content, time to get serious about fixing this. It worked fine for months, since summer.

Let’s try:

  • Calling MSDN Subscriber support, opps, after 5:30 PM PST, that’s a no go
  • Using the 24/7 MSDN Online Concierge, just click the link, nope, takes me to the My Account page that has no links to the Online Concierge
  • OK, how about on online MSDN newsgroup. nope, don’t see any related to MSDN Subscription problems

No help from Microsoft. Perhaps it’s MY computer or browser, nope, my laptop behaves exactly the same. Hmm, lets see, here is a page to check your subscription, I enter my subscription number, name and email, and yes, it shows my subscription as active, expiring next year, although some of the fields seem to be blank. A little more hunting, so lets try activating my already active subscription, hmmm, gives an error. Wait, does it want my subscriber id or my subscription id? I used my subscription id last time, I’ll try my subscriber id, ahh better. Much better, the My Account page now has lots of content and my subscription info, but wait, where is says subscription number is the value listed as subscriber id in the email I received when I clicked resend my subscriber info.

Dear Microsoft, I suspect:

  • Your MSDN website forgot I had an activated account, it doesn’t give me confidence in putting data on your cloud when you seem to get database corruption on my paid MSDN subscription account database
  • You web pages seem confused about when they are referring to a MSDN “Subscriber ID”  vs a “Subscription ID”, and if you pick the wrong one it gives a meaningless error
  • If my subscription activation breaks, like mine did, the support contact method is calling on the phone, during support business hours. There is no way to access the Online Concierge to get it fixed, so much for 24/7 support.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had problems with MSDN accounts. It took multiple phone calls to subscription support to originally make my activation key work. A MSDN subscription is not really optional if you’re doing Windows development, so I put up with it, but am not all all that happy with it.