MSDN Subscriber Site forgot who I was

Hmm, the MSDN Subscriber site STILL doesn’t allow me access to any content, time to get serious about fixing this. It worked fine for months, since summer.

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MSDN Subscriber Site is Broken

Grrr, a little rant…

I went to download the new VisualStudio 10 Beta 2 and find Microsoft has screwed up MSDN. For a couple days now I can’t download anything or even access the online support to interactively get them to look into it. I sent them site feedback, as it seemed like the only support option available at the moment.

I can go to the download area, but everything is greyed out and I’m not allowed to download anything. My MSDN Premum subscription, $2000+ worth, is valid until June 2010, and is currently unusable. The main account page is captured below, and is missing much of the text. Looking at the page source I see some text that looks pretty suspicous, like it was supposed to execute on the server.

Broken MSDN My Account Page

Broken MSDN My Account Page

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I like the White House blog

I was sitting around at Dublin Toyota yesterday waiting for the 30K service on my Prius and noticed they had WiFi there, so got out my iPhone and surfed the web to kill time. After being pretty bored at the normal news sites, I came across a link to the White House. I recently had heard they refreshed the technology used so went to see what it was like.

I have to say, I really like the website and the blog at as it seemed like intelligent in depth information. It struck me that getting information directly from the government without the normal media biases was a refreshing change. I was especially pleased to see them defend their view on something, where another website had given a negative analysis on what really seemed like positive information. I’m so glad we now have an administration that is not a bunch of idiots, who I believe actually has a good understanding of reality and their role to serve the citizens of the United States. Yea Obama and crew!

Interestingly, an aquantance was now working at Dublin Toyota in the sales department and we chatted for a bit.

Right on schedule, my car was ready. Five stars.

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Yes, posting to a blog from my iPhone works

This is just an experiment to see if posting from an iPhone works. I use the WordPress 2 iPhone app.

Me firewalking in 1993


Hello world!

This is my first post here and it will take a bit to get organized.