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Booting Windows 7 from VHD not all it’s cracked up to be

I recently upgraded the hardware for my primary workstation and thought it would be an interesting opportunity to use VHD booting. I used the SysInternals P2V utility to write my oldĀ disk to a remote VHD. I then ran things from a VM for a while, while I shuffled around my hardware.

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My mouse slowly moves across the screen by itself

Some months ago, I started dating a woman who one day complained her office computer mouse was creeping across the screen all by itself. Since she knew I was a computer expert, she asked if it could be a virus, to which I said “not impossible but not probable”. I told her the same thing seemed to happen on my computer occasionally, and I was pretty confident my system has no viruses.

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Windows never blanks display or sleeps

Ever since last spring sometime my Windows Vista system would not blank the screen or go into sleep mode. I was rather busy with other things so just lived with it. I upgrade to Windows 7 a few months ago and still had the problem.

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